We are the energetic curators of incredible consumer brands, products and partnerships.

Our mission at Sole Collab is to develop original ideas that challenge today and decide what’s next. Through methodical strategic thinking and world-class partnerships, Sole Collab are the curators of sustainable and innovative products and concepts that brighten the world around us.

Our Story

Brisbane-based husband and wife team, Craig Wissler and Jodie Piper have made it their life’s work to create Incredible brands and products. Each with over 30 years of experience working for some of Australia’s biggest names (see below), Jodie and Craig have a hyper-focus on disruption, innovation and sustainability. They share a rare skillset of understanding customer needs and unlocking the full potential of any brand or retail category.

In 2020, the pair decided to set off on their next adventure, establishing Sole Collab Pty Ltd. It started as a shift to improve work-life balance and provide more autonomy in their careers. Sole Collab has flourished into an incredible opportunity to focus their collective experience on areas they are truly passionate about: innovative brand development and sustainability.

With a diverse network of resources, unparalleled experience and an infectious enthusiasm, Jodie and Craig love building authentic partnerships that will energise the consumer goods space providing solutions that unlock potential.

Jodie Piper
Jodie PiperDirector
Craig Wissler
Craig WisslerDirector
Having worked with as an Executive Coach with both Jodie & Craig, they have a truly unique combination of skills and experience. Their way of working blends drive, detail and determination with good humour and a lot of heart. I can say that soul (Sole) is much more to them than simple marketing cleverness, it truly represents who they are as people and what they care about.
Hamish Riddell, Executive Coach

I have worked with Craig in the partnership space for over four years and this is a relationship that I absolutely trust and respect. Craig is personable, smart, articulate and knows how to differentiate himself and his brands from the pack – locally, domestically and internationally. He doesn’t accept the status quo and likes to push the boundaries. What I have enjoyed about working with Craig is that he is very considered yet works with speed; strategic and knows how to deliver outcomes in a professional style. Sole Collab will be a highly successful with BIG ideas delivered by an agile and SMALL experienced team. As businesses pivot post the Covid 19 challenges, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help drive the transition into a new and exciting cycle.

Baden Stephenson, CEO - Melbourne Rebels

After 30 years in the footwear and fashion business, I have had the pleasure of working with both Jodie and Craig from both the supplier and the business partner side. One of the most powerful assets they both display and consistently deliver is the feeling of true partnership, no matter what the situation both Jodie and Craig’s ability to effectively communicate has consistently lead to successful outcomes. I have always found both Jodie and Craig share the ultimate successful ingredient in business today being that of passion and commitment, this I believe has always been the foundation of their success in the various senior management roles they have both held across the industry. I am thrilled and excited they have decided to launch their own business Sole Collab which I know will be a huge success for both themselves and future business partners, a truly trusted team.
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Andrew Bousie, CEO

What We Do

We develop original ideas that challenge today and decide what’s next. With a diverse network of resources, unparalleled experience and an infectious energy for challenging the status quo.

We Develop

We take unique ideas and help find their place in the market. With a focus on innovative and sustainable goods, Sole Collab knows what it takes to bring your idea off the page. From strategic planning and process mapping to buying, ranging and beyond!

We Source

We are your gateway to the world. With industry-leading global sourcing and fulfilment providers in China, India, Portugal, Indonesia and Vietnam; we take the guess work out of international partnerships and production.

We Sell

Online, wholesale, marketplace and everything in between. Sole Collab are experienced retailers of owned and licenced consumer goods in Australia and New Zealand.


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